Equivalence of qualifications and degrees

Equivalence is a process that sets out to assess the similarity of studies (or parts of studies) completed abroad with studies (or parts of studies) organised in educational institutions in Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
  • Starting a Bachelor degree
Foreign students who wish to enrol in the first year of studies in a university college or arts colleges or in one of the years of the undergraduate study programmes in a university must obtain the equivalence of their certificate of secondary education with the corresponding diploma issued in Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
The application for obtaining this equivalence must be sent to the Equivalences department of the Ministry of Wallonia-Brussels Federation. All the information related to this procedure can be obtained on the website of the Equivalences Department.
  • Starting a Masters degree or a PhD
For students who already hold a foreign higher education degree and who wish to pursue their studies in Wallonia-Brussels Federation (graduate or postgraduate course of study), the equivalences are established by the university, university college or arts college to which they have submitted an admission application.
We advise you to get in touch with the admissions and enrolments department of the university, university college or arts college of your choice in order to obtain precise information about the admission and enrolment procedure to follow.
Please note: An equivalence is a procedure which allows the recognition of a qualification obtained abroad.
An equivalence is based on different criteria, in particular:
  • the recognition of the qualification by the competent authorities of the country in which the diploma was issued,
  • the length of studies,
  • the contents of the program of study (courses, internships, thesis).
You should therefore contact the university, university college or arts college of your choice as early as possible in order to find out if you need to obtain the equivalence of your qualification or degree.
Deadlines example for obtaining equivalence: if you need to obtain the equivalence of your certificate of secondary education in order to enrol in September in a higher education institution, your equivalence application must be submitted no later than July of the same year to the Department in charge of the Equivalence of Secondary Education.