Ethics and AI: the Namur Digital Institute joins an international consortium of leading research institutes


The Namur Digital Institute is part of the international GAIEC (Global AI Ethics Consortium) dedicated to ethics and artificial intelligence. This is an important topic at a time when profiling and, more generally, data protection and freedoms are being debated in the context of the COVID crisis19.
The Global AI Ethics Consortium (GAIEC) brings together the world-class expertise of academic institutions, research centres and eminent academics to maximise the potential of AI while limiting its harms by creating ethical frameworks.
By joining the consortium, the Namur Digital Institute (NADI), which brings together more than 150 researchers from various disciplines around the theme "Digital and Society", will be able to collaborate with prestigious universities such as the Sorbonne, Oxford, Cambridge, Singapore or Tokyo (...) on innovation themes that will have a major impact on the future development of our industrial value chains and the evolution of our society (Connected cars, Healthcare, data protection, profiling, governance...). Artificial Intelligence is indeed one of the 7 NADI research axes, one of the main characteristics of which is precisely multidisciplinary.