The Belgian medical system offers a very high level of healthcare.

Students whose stay in Belgium is not covered by the healthcare insurance of their country of origin are required to join an insurance scheme known as a « mutuelle » in order to benefit from medical cover making these treatments accessible.

The “mutuelle” covers a part of the medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation costs.

Students who are not nationals of the European Union who are covered by a healthcare insurance in their country of origin must ask their insurance in order to check whether it covers them in Belgium, within the framework of international agreements.

Students who are nationals of a country of the European Union must have a European health insurance card from the insurer of their country of origin. This card will allow you to obtain cover for medical care by the mutual health insurance fund under the same conditions as a Belgian insured.

Nationals of a country of the EU or not, in order to obtain refunds for your medical cost, you must join a Belgian “mutuelle” or mutual insurance company. Exception, students who take out insurance in their country of origin that covers their stay in Belgium.


Conditions and costs of membership of a mutual insurance scheme

To join a mutual insurance scheme during your stay in Wallonia-Brussels, you must in advance:

  • be enrolled with a higher education establishment,
  • request an enrolment certificate from your establishment, reserved exclusively for the mutual insurance scheme.

The contributions due must be paid each term (the amount of the quarterly statutory contribution is around 35 euros per person).

Mutual insurance schemes have agencies in all academic towns.

In each institution, there is a student help department that you can contact to obtain more information.