Programmes of study


In order to find a programme, please consult our search engine which allows you to search for any study programme existing in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It includes all courses in French and in English taught at universities, university colleges and art schools.


Organisation of studies

Higher education in Wallonia-Brussels is organised into three cycles leading to the award of Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees corresponding to a set number of ECTS credits.

The first cycle of studies ("professional" if short and "transition" if long) corresponds to 180 credits (3 years) and leads to the award of a Bachelor's degree.

The first cycle of studies may also lead to Specialised bachelor's degree (at least 60 credits). This Specialised bachelor is only accessible to holders of a Bachelor’s degree and allows them to obtain a specialised professional qualification.

The second cycle of studies (“specialisation”) leads to the award of the degree of:

  • Master after having successfully completed 60 credits (1 year) or 120 credits (2 years).
  • Medical doctor or veterinarian after having successfully completed 180 credits (3 years).

Second cycle studies can also lead to the degree of an Advanced Master (at least 60 credits). This Advanced Master is available to holders of a Master’s degree (at least 120 credits) and allows them to gain access to certain professions (e.g. in the health sector) or to offer specific training in the framework of development cooperation programmes.

3rd cycle studies lead to the award of the academic degree of doctor after defending the thesis. See: Doctoral studies.