UCLouvain, ULiège and UMons join the 41 European University Alliances


24 new alliances have been selected by the European Commission in the framework of the second call for proposals "European Universities". They will be granted a budget of 5 to 7 million euros each to launch their innovative partnerships. These new alliances are in addition to the 17 alliances selected in July 2019 following the first call. In French-speaking Belgium, UCLouvain, ULiège and UMONS are joining ULB and its CIVIS alliance.

With the financial support of the Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programmes, these new alliances aim to improve the quality, inclusion, digitisation and attractiveness of European higher education, while promoting European values and identity.

To help them achieve these objectives, each alliance will receive up to €5 million from the Erasmus + programme and up to €2 million from Horizon 2020 for a period of three years. In addition to the 5 to 7 million euros from which each selected alliance will benefit, the Government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation wished, from the first call, to support the institutions of French-speaking Belgium by making half a million euros available for this purpose. The universities that applied to the calls for proposals from European universities were granted a budget of 100,000 euros.

Of the new alliances selected, three include one of our universities:

  • " UNICE - The European University of Post-Industrial Cities " with ULiège and 7 other partners (Dutch, Turkish, German, Irish, Spanish, Finnish and Croatian) brings together cities with a strong industrial past and focuses on diversity.
  • UCLouvain and its 6 partners (Danish, English, Serbian, German, Norwegian and French) have developed "Circle U." with a triple focus on inclusion, research with high societal impact and interdisciplinarity.
  • EUNICE - European University for Customized Education" with UMONS and 6 partners (German, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian and Finnish) focuses on innovation in education, in particular digital, multilingualism and European identity.