The university year – key dates

The academic year is organised into three terms:

  • The first begins in mid-September.
  • The second begins in early February.
  • The third begins in early July: it includes the summer holiday and the second examination session.

The exams are held at the end of each term: in January for the first term and late May/early June for the second term. Students have the opportunity to resit the examinations for which they have not achieved a satisfactory result (grade of at least 10 out of 20) during a second examination session, which runs from mid-August to early September.

Pass criteria. To pass their academic year, students must obtain an average of 10/20 or more on all exams and have no grade lower than 10/20. If they have a grade that is lower than 10/20, the jury may decide to still award the credits associated with the course if the deficit is deemed to be acceptable considering all the results.