In addition to traditional mussels and chips, chocolate, waffles and beer, Belgian cuisine offers a variety of dishes and has significant regional variations. It is also influenced by the traditional cuisines of the neighboring countries (Germany, France and the Netherlands). It is sometimes said that Belgian cuisine is served with the amount of German cuisine but with the quality of French cuisine!

In the morning, start the day with a slice of cramique (raisin bread) or craquelin (sugar loaf).

At noon, have a drink with a good beer. Blonde, brown, amber, white or fruity, beer is king in Belgium. Do not miss to taste Trappist beers. Brewed in some abbeys, the manufacturing process is always performed or supervised by monks.

Then open your appetite with Flemish asparagus (asparagus, melted butter, chopped boiled eggs, parsley and lemon). If you go to the sea, do not miss to taste the shrimp croquettes or the shrimp tomatoes.

Finally, enjoy a dish regional. In the south of the country: Liège salad with beans, bacon and potatoes or rabbit sauce balls, with Liège syrup and brown sugar... In the north of the country: gueuze rabbit, Flemish stew, waterzooi chicken or fish, green eels, headless birds, gratin chicory...