For all international students


Type of grant

Research grant



Sectors and fields of study

Proposals that fall within these fields are encouraged:

  • transport and logistics
  • aerospace
  • chemical engineering and sustainable materials
  • biotechnologies and health
  • agro-industry


Programme description

This call for proposals aims to promote the mobility of highly qualified researchers (a)  to companies (b) and approved research centres or universities or research centres attached to universities (c) in Wallonia / Wallonia - Brussels Federation.
The proposal must be based on the trio (a) + (b) + (c).
The stay of these researchers should enable the scientific and technological potential of Wallonia to be increased through, for example :

  • the development and validation of new products, processes or services intended to be exploited industrially in the short term, or
  • the acquisition and development of new technology, and
  • the development of the researcher's skills.

The researcher's stay in Wallonia will be balanced with promoters (b) and (c).


This stay may not be less than 18 months and may not exceed 3 years. It may only be interrupted by a stay of a maximum of 2 weeks per year (cumulative) outside Wallonia to be agreed between the parties.

Financial terms

Funding is provided for the execution of the research. It consists of the awarding of grants which relate exclusively to :

  • the remuneration of the researcher at the postdoctoral researcher's rate according to the ad hoc scale
  • an annual lump sum of EUR 6,000 operating costs
  • an annual lump sum of EUR 3 000 to cover the researcher's mobility costs to be paid in full to the researcher.
Grant funded by

BEWARE2 is co-financed by the European Commission and Wallonia.

Eligibility criteria

Nationality.ies – Profile

The researcher must hold a PhD or have equivalent research experience (minimum 4 years). At the closing date of the call for proposals, the researcher must be in a situation of transnational mobility, i.e. have spent less than 12 months professionally and under an employment contract in Belgium during the last 36 months.

In the case of hosting a researcher subject to the visa and/or work permit requirement, the host may make use of the "scientific visa" which exempts the researcher from the work permit requirement and offers an accelerated procedure for the granting of the residence permit.

Level of study required

The researcher must hold a PhD or have equivalent research experience (minimum 4 years).

Application process

How to apply

The final detailed proposal shall be submitted online by April 15th 2024 at the latest.

To be eligible, proposals must meet the following conditions:

The full application must:

  • be submitted online on April 15th, 2024 by partner (c) in consultation with partner (b) and the identified researcher
  • be accompanied by a formal commitment between the said partners to carry out the research.

The research :

  • is aimed at developing a single new product, process or service or at acquiring and exploiting new knowledge likely to contribute to the development of the SME or the Walloon industrial fabric
  • includes a credible earnings valuation scheme
  • may not have already been the subject of public funding, and
  • falls within the competence of the Walloon Region.

April 15th 2024 at noon at the latest.

Selection Process

Each of the eligible proposals is evaluated by three experts: one from the SPW Economy Employment Research and two others, external and independent.

A ranking is established on the basis of criteria.

This ranking is then submitted to a committee in charge of validating it.

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Alexandra LACROIX,

Portal for Research and Technology in Wallonia

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Contato no Brasil: Julie Dumont - Consultor científico e acadêmico,

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