Cost of living

Monthly budget

In addition to the tuition fees, your budget mainly depends on the type of accommodation chosen and your lifestyle.

Here are a few figures that will give you some idea of the monthly expenses you will need to cover:

Courses, books35 €
Accommodation500 €
Food300 €
Healthcare (insurance, medical costs)20 €
Public transport40 €
Miscellaneous (telephone, leisure …)55 €
Or a total of around  950 €/ month

Here are also a few examples of prices in Belgium:

A newspaper (daily)1.50 €
10 bus/tram/underground tickets14 €
A sandwich3.50 to 4.80 €
One entrance ticket to the Belgian Comic Strip Centre6 €
A cinema ticket8.5 €
A can of soft drink1.5 €
A loaf of bread (800 gr)2 €

Please note

  • International students have the possibility of opening a bank account in Belgium, thus having the right to a bank card accepted in most stores and automatic teller machines. Opening a bank account can take several days. For the first days of your stay in Wallonia-Brussels, you will therefore have to bring some money with you.
  • Credit cards are also widely accepted. Before you leave your home country, it may be useful to consult your bank to find out whether it has a local branch in Belgium, which can facilitate your transactions.
  • In Belgium, the monetary unit is the euro. This currency is currently in force in 19 European countries (the euro zone): Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Within higher education institutions, there are social services that can advise you and come up with solutions to better organise your student life.