For all international students


Type of grant

Research grant



Sectors and fields of study



Programme description

MISU funding aims to encourage highly qualified Belgian or foreign researchers, who are currently pursuing a scientific career abroad, to develop it at a university in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.


The MISU is granted for a maximum of 3 years (2 years + possible extension of one year).

Financial terms

Funding of up to €210,000, on average per year.
Eligible costs are of 3 types: personnel, operating, equipment.

Grant funded by

Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.–FNRS)

Eligibility criteria

Nationality.ies – Profile

The candidate for a MISU must have the necessary skills to lead a research team, must have international scientific recognition, must have resided abroad for at least five years and continuously.
Applicants may not apply for a MISU more than three times.
Researchers who have already received a MISU cannot apply for this fellowship.

Level of study required

Doctoral degree.

Application process
How to apply

The notice is opened once a year and published on the F.R.S.-FNRS website.
Applicants for a Ulysses Mobility in Scientific Research (MISU) grant can submit their application in French or English and online only via E-Space, the call and proposal management platform.
The F.R.S.-FNRS will allow applicants to access the electronic form on E-Space.
More information on the website.


Every year in December. Check out the website:

Selection Process

The MISU applicant must be an active researcher with an excellent career record over the last ten years, demonstrating significant research results.

The following elements will be taken into account when evaluating the proposal, among others:

  • Publications as principal author in the main peer-reviewed journals in the concerned field;
  • For social and human sciences, major research monographs;
  • Guest presentations given at high-level international conferences or advanced courses;
  • Participation in organizing high-level international conferences or congresses;
  • International recognition of the applicant, with scientific awards and prizes;
  • Number of supervised doctoral theses.

Contact – Find out more

Marie-Christine Fraselle - . Tel : +32 2 504 92 20